A self-published new book – “Here I belong”

New book is out! One of the first new authors we helped publish an original idea which was previously rejected by mainstream publishers. Eike Einmann and her book “Here I belong”. We were eager to help Eike bring the book to you. We also want to share our thoughts with you. Even though this is a children’s book the topic and story are with a very important message and a quite relevant problem. That’s one of the reason we are so excited to help the new author self-publish her masterpiece. The illustrations are all done by the Eike herself. This makes the book even more special.

The Author

Eike Einamann is a multimedia designer with a background in photography and illustration originally from Estonia. No need to mention she is quite talented and has a great understanding of art and design.  Don’t take our word for it – you can find her work here.

Eike Einmann

The New Book

New book is called “Here I belong” and  you can probably guess the main issue discussed in it. The thing is, Eike has seen this problem upclose and this was the inspiration and the main reason she decided to write the book. An Estonian woman married to an Zamibian man was sure to give birth to an unique family. However, for their child it has been a bit confusing – why are mom and dad so different? Of course, those problems are natural, but we believe they are quite common nowadays, even though they should not be a reason for concern in children or people of any age.

Reading the book you will find out for yourself that those things are not something a loving family cannot overcome. There is simply no reason for them to exist in the first place. The world is diverse and being different is not a reason to be ashamed.

The New Story

As you might guess the storyline of the book revolves around the question “Where do I belong?”. The motivation the writer had in mind came from her real life and is a relevant problem for people of all ages. 

In short, the book tells the story of Maya (the daughter of the author, whom the book is dedicated to). She is confused where she belongs since her mother and father come from different parts of the world. Her mother comes from a northern country and her father from a southern one. The child was not sure which part of the world she actaully belongs to.

The book is especially made for children with original illustration by the author herself and a style and story that will entertain all children. Magic, adventure, and valuable lessons are the things the children will be able to take away from the new book.

Who should read it?

No matter what your age is and whether you want to buy the book for your child or to suit your own interest in the topic and drawings – it is worth taking a look. While helping publishing the book we found a really impactful message for a problem each of us has encountered. Perfect for entertaining children and sparking creativity in people of all ages. The book ends with something we want to encourage you to think about – “… What do you think, where do you belong?”

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