What is next?

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Since we are entering a new month, I decided it will be a good idea to post a little update of what has been going on with My Book Store and what are our plans for the future. I also want to take the chance and thank everyone who has joined the company on its journey and has been supporting the idea, content, projects, and everything that has been going on! I am beyond grateful and I hope I will give back to you at some point.

thank you

What has My Book Store achieved so far?

When the idea about the company started almost as a joke between two friends and colleagues I did not really expect that the company will eventually exist in reality. It was an ambitious idea I was determined to pursue one day but I never imagined it will happen so fast and it will grow so rapidly.
For the ten weeks the company has been in the world there has been a lot of hard work, ideas, passion, and dedication involved and I am happy to say I am proud of the results. The company has a short but really interesting collection of books to sell in the webshop. I have tried to establish a type of content on social media the primary goal of which is to inspire, educate, and most importantly create a community for the book lovers and independent writers out there. You are the ones who have the final word in that but it genuinely makes me happy each time some of the constant supporters or just a random book lover takes part of a discussion and expresses his/her opinion. This is one of our main goals and we really encourage you to keep talking, recommending, rating, and expressing opinion – we want to create the perfect bookish community for the book lovers out there and help them find the books they will love but haven’t had the chance to find yet.

My Book Store has had the pleasure to be part of two incredibly inspiring and interesting book projects. We did our best to help Anne-Marie Kroupova showcase her passion and emotion with her first ever book “She used to dye her hair blue” and maybe it will sound arrogant but we are proud of our job. We worked hard side by side with the author and the book is finally available worldwide.

The second project is still in development but we have entered the final stage and one thing we can say for sure – you are going to love this book. It is extremely passionate and motivational and we definitely recommend you give it a shot. The author has poured his heart and soul in the writing of the book and it is obvious from the final result. We can’t wait to share it.

Last but not least we are also hosting our very first own challenge – the creators challenge where we will be collecting your work in all creative fields including writing, art, photographic and more and help you show it to the world. You can read more about it on our dedicated page  to the challenge and we would be beyond happy if you enter regardless of what kind of creation you want to show to the world. We are excited to see your work.


What is next?

My Book Store started as a start-up using the benefits of a program supporting young entrepreneurs. The program is now over but My Book Store will keep functioning as a startup created out of pure passion and dedication, we will try to keep up our pace of content creation, discussing and recommending books, and most importantly taking on various projects to help independent writers showcase their passion and ideas. We can’t wait to see what is waiting for us and start a new project.
We have no idea what new things await but a lot of ideas are in development and will hopefully see the world. New posts, new ideas, new projects – the opportunities are endless. We are looking into expanding our team and client base as well so stay tuned for new announcements.

We hope you won’t be disappointed and will stick with us for a while more. And most importantly – if you have any suggestions, wants us to talk about something specific or want to request any type of content please contact us and we will do our best to provide it as fast as we can!

cant wait

As indefinite as it is we will keep trying to provide quality content and interesting books suggestions and projects. If you have any ideas or want to see some type of specific content we will really grateful to hear you out. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get access to our daily content.


Why should we support independent authors?

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“Power to the local dreamer”

The quote above has inspired me greatly since the first time I saw it several years ago. It belongs to the band Twenty One Pilots and considering where they are now – several years after they said the quote and persistently stood by it showcasing why you should support local indie talents – I think it has proved its point.

Whether it is local independent artists, athletes, or writers – I strongly believe they deserve the support and there are numerous reasons why.

Twenty One Pilots

Why support independent writers?

To be honest, I think the fact they are independent shows that they write with passion and emotion and this enough is a valid reason to support them. But I will mention a few more reasons below. Let me know what you think as well, I would appreciate it.

The passion

Independent authors don’t write because they have to or because there is a contract pushing them to do it. They write because they feel passionate about an idea, a story, or a message and they want to put it out in the world. This means they usually put their heart and soul into their work and it is evident in the final result.

No restrictions

The work of independent authors doesn’t undergo the usual process of cutting out various parts, fitting a certain frame, style, etc. The reason is there are no pushy publishing houses trying to have it their way with another person’s idea and the author his/herself is completely in charge of how the book will look and sound like. This means what you are reading is exactly what the author wanted you to read and his/her message is intact.

They are different

Similar to my argument above – independent authors don’t have to fit the generic style and frames of the typical books produced by the publishing houses. This means their style, layout, and expression is usually quite different from the general book which makes their work unique and different. Definitely worth the attention.

Way more affordable

When you buy a book from an indie author all the profit goes to the author him/herself. This means there is no need to make the book extra expensive since the authors don’t own any commissions to publishing houses, distributors, or bookstores. Usually, the prices of self-published books are lower exactly for this reason. The fact that all the profit goes to the person who actually put his/her heart and soul into the final product is definitely a solid reason to support them as well.


You can get in touch

How many times have you wanted to get in touch with an author whose worked you loved or wanted to feedback in some way. Usually the process is quite complicated and you have to go through several steps, contact various people, and if you are lucky you can finally reach the author. With independent writers the process is times simpler and they are usually way more open to feedback and interaction with readers. They are developing with each day and appreciate feedback, therefore it is usually enough to send them a message on social media or a simple email to get in touch. And trust me it is always an enjoyable process to have a chat with an author whose work you liked.

They deserve it

If the reasons above are not solid enough for you, you cannot deny that indie writers definitely deserve the support for one reason or another. The fact that they are determined enough and confident in their work and message to go through the complicated process of putting a book together (and trust me the process is not easy) is a good reason to at least consider supporting them. Their hard work and passion are not to be underestimated and let’s face it – everybody was once just a local dreamer.


Let’s be honest – independent writers are the future. With self-publishing gaining more and more popularity and becoming accessible to authors all around the world it is unavoidable to reach a point where they will dominate. And I think they should – they definitely deserve appreciation and support for their efforts. What do you think? Do you think they get enough support and do they deserve more? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts!

After the entire ramble about why you should support the independent authors, I will end the blog with a quick list of ways you can do it super easily. Hope you found the read interesting if you like what you see and are interested in more entertaining bookish content follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Easy ways to support independent writiers

Buy their books directly from them

This way you are sure that all the profit goes into their pocket and supporting their hard work. Give them a message on social media or find them at events – the options are vast.

Request their books at local bookstores and libraries

This will raise the awareness about their work and get the interest of big retailers which will boost the author’s exposure.

Review their work

Be sure to leave a review regardless if it is 5 starts or not. Giving feedback to the authors means even more than buying their book since it will affect their future development and give them something to work with for the next book.

 Talk about them

Recommend them to your fellow readers, share their books in forums, talk about them in social media – the list is endless. The more talk there is the more people will get interested and check them out. This is the best type of promotion an author can wish for.


Your questions answered!

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For this week’s blog, I decided to finally do something I wanted to do for a long time – answer your questions. So welcome to the first (hopefully of many) Q and A with My Book Store!

Last week I asked you all on my social media to send me any questions you want to hear answered regardless if it is about the process we have when publishing a book, my book taste, or anything you want to know. I promised that I will answer each and every question I get. And so I will.

Before we start it will be a good idea to clarify that the one making the posts and writing the blog is the “founder” of the company and the person responsible for all the projects – Vladimir. Since I often say the words “me” and “I” I think a clarification is necessary.

Huge thanks to anyone who sent me questions and I hope the answers will be satisfying for you all. Here we go.


How are you?
Asked by MoMasnicova

First of all – thank you for the sweet question!

I am quite good and in the process of publishing a really inspiring and motivating book for which I am super excited. I really hope I will be able to reveal what it is about and share some parts of it soon since I am sure the majority of people need to hear the message which the author worked really hard on delivering. The entire process so far has been super inspiring and eye-opening for me and I hope the book will have a similar effect to others.
And yes, I know you didn’t ask about that but I really wanted to share it *ooops*.

How many people are on your team?
Asked by MoMasnicova

This is a tricky question which needs a bit of explanation.
MyBookStore is a freshly established company (the story of how the idea became a reality is right here) and there have been several people involved during various stages of the development.

After the idea was born when my friend and I discussed it, MyBookStore was developed in terms of concept and values as a school project to see how people will perceive the idea and collect feedback. At that time four people were involved in the development of the webshop, initial marketing plan (which was completely changed), concept, and content.

After the project was over I took over the idea and decided to develop it and make it an actual company working on the idea and helping people publish their books. During this time a lot of the ideas about the content and style were born with both mine and my closest friend’s efforts. I am forever grateful for the support and help she has given me!

When it comes to projects it is mostly me working on them (editing, formatting, layout, and marketing) together with the client him/herself. Also, often times there are people from my network involved when it comes to cover design and help with some aspects of the projects. You can basically say it is me and supporters of the idea working on the development currently.

The next stages of the development of the company will require more external help and if all goes well several more people will be integrated into the team working on a regular basis.

high five

What was your most difficult book you read this year that you loved?
Asked by Jessatlgirl

Great questions first of all! And a hard one to be honest.
I’m not entirely sure about it but what comes to my mind is The Shining by Stephen King (I am almost sure I finished it at the start of 2018). I absolutely loved the book but it was hard to read it since it was quite overwhelming psychologically and it was definitely haunting at all times. However, the way it was written made it easier, but still, I got quite overwhelmed by the mind-games played in the book and this made it hard.

The Shining

What does it take to get a book published?
Asked by Shantnu Dobhal

I actually have a blog on the topic with more details and information- this one. But here is a quick summary of what is necessary to publish a book.

The most important is the book, of course! After the author has finished his/her manuscript comes the editing of the text so the book is easy to read, there is no repetition of words (not too much at least) and other formalities.

Next is the formatting – the layout of the book and the fonts, sizes, colors, graphics and so on. This also includes choosing the size and format of the book – the book has to look good, of course!

The cover design – I discussed the topic on my Instagram but I will say it again – the cover is one of the most important factors which will determine if a book will be bought or not.

After the right cover is created everything is integrated into the edited and formatted manuscript and the final version of the book is created.
From this point on everything depends on where the book will be published exactly – the right file formats are created and the book is officially published.

A good idea is to continue the process by making some marketing and reaching the right type of audience so the message of the author reaches the right people.

And I think this concludes the first ever MyBookStore Q and A. I really hope you got the information you wanted from my answers and once again – thanks to everyone who sent me questions. I would love to do this again when and I am always happy to answer questions of all kinds so if you want to know something just give me a message on my social media and I will answer super-fast. Yes. Super-fast.

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How do you get super cozy when reading?

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We all want to get the best out of the reading experience, right? But often times we face distractions or there is something that just makes the reading experience not as good as it should be. For this reason, I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to my personal tips for getting super cozy when you read. It works quite well for me so maybe you can find some inspiration as well.

getting cozy

A step by step guide to getting cozy while reading

Find a great book

First and foremost – it is essential to find the right book for the occasion. What I mean is that the right book strongly depends on the mood you are in. This is how it works for me at least – sometimes I am in the mood for a heavy novel, but sometimes I just want to take it easy and have a relaxing read – a short story or a magazine. It all depends on how you are feeling and it is important to match your mood to the book you are choosing for the best result.

Find the best spot

The second most important thing for me is finding the right place to read at. I really cannot enjoy a book no matter how good it is if I am not comfortably positioned in a cozy spot. Thankfully I finally learned how to make myself comfortable in the train and public transport in general so now I have greatly increased my reading potential. So – find a spot which will make you feel comfortable – a nice sofa, armchair, maybe even a nice spot in the local park outside – it is all up to you, but be sure to make yourself feel good so you can enjoy the book to the fullest.

reading spot

Remove distractions

If you want to get the best out of the reading experience you need to make sure there are no distractions or things to disturb the process. For me, this means getting off the internet most importantly. I usually don’t mute my phone in case there is something really important and someone needs to call me, but wi-fi is a no-no. I also try to find a place which is quite and there are no people to disturb me in any way so I can completely get consumed by my read.

Get your favorite snack or drink… Or don’t

I usually like to enjoy my books with a cup of nice peppermint tea or some cookies. But I know people are different and have various tastes and preferences. If you are one of the people who like to enjoy a book with your favorite snack or drink be sure to get yourself enough supplies so you don’t have to stop the reading process in the middle to go get more (also, get enough water nearby – this will save you a lot of interruptions). If you are one of the people who prefer to just focus on the book (I sometimes prefer this as well) just skip the step and focus on the reading itself.


Enough light!

Making sure that the place you are positioned at is well-lit is very important for several reasons. First of all – your health. Reading with bad lighting can damage your eyes in a serious way so be sure to have enough sunlight onto the pages of the book or to have a good lighting provided by artificial light. Also, don’t forget to make sure the light is not too bright as it can also damage your eyes – you need to find the balance. Another reason – having the right lighting makes reading easier and way more pleasant since you don’t have to strain your eyes too much.

Get to the reading

After you make sure you have found the right book, a place with good lighting, and you have everything you need nearby just get to the reading. As long as you feel comfortable and distractions are out you are good to go. Enjoy a good book and get a well-deserved break from the world.


Those are my little tips for getting cozy while reading. Of course, they are based on my preferences and taste but at least you could get some inspiration. How do you get cozy when you read? Share your tips and tricks, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Behind the process of publishing a book

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This is our first behind the scenes blog post! We want to introduce you to our work process and show you how our first client work played out, what inspired us on the way, and what struggles we had to overcome to finish the project.

The book

The book we worked on is called “She used to dye her hair blue” – a name that is a result of several brainstorm sessions, evaluation, and selection of ideas which would best fit the content.
The book is a collection of poetry, inspired by the life, experience, and struggles of the author. Some of the poems are a direct reference to her depressive and manic periods and others touch sensitive topics and love stories. There is even a poem for the book, which describes it best.

back cover

The process

MyBookStore is focused on close work with the clients and therefore each step of the book publishing was coordinated with the author herself and she was in full control of each stage of the development of her work. This current project was divided into several stages.


After our client sent us the manuscript we took our time to carefully go through the entire book and we made notes based on our impressions. We did the editing, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, we checked the way the text sounds and goes together and we discussed out propositions with the client herself. Together we came up with the final version of the manuscript after several editing sessions, adding and removing of poems, and reevaluating the manuscript.


During the entire process, we followed our client’s idea. She wanted to have illustrations and she even had some great ideas so our job was made easier. After she told us about the concept behind them and sent us drafts of the drawings we started experimenting with them and making them digital. In the end, we came up with a version which goes well with the text.


From sketches to final illustrations


The next step of our process was to take the text and illustrations and format the book in a visually pleasing way. This was done under the supervision of our client. The final result is a combination of our professional knowledge and opinion and her propositions and desires for the look of the book. This also included the selection of the most appropriate typefaces and sizes to make the book easy and pleasant to read.

Designing the covers

After the book was put together it was time for the covers! Our favorite stage of the project. The process was extremely creative and inspiring and again was done in collaboration with the client so we can be sure that the final result will be satisfying. The combination of our design knowledge and our client’s aesthetics contributed to the final result. The process naturally included lots of ideation, sketching and test covers until we finally found the perfect one.
Designing the chapters’ covers was a similar process which also included even more combinations of the arrangement of elements, fonts, colors, and sizes.


An example of a page and a chapter cover

The ups and downs

Naturally, the process of putting together an entire book is full of ups and downs. We were constantly inspired by the author’s ideas for the book and we integrated them into our own ideas and knowledge. The thing we loved most was that we worked really close together with our client – we sent her work in progress screenshots constantly and listened carefully to her feedback.

The project also taught us a lot since it was not only inspiration and smooth work all the way. We had several issues we had to overcome during the development of each stage and we even delayed the publishing with a week due to formatting complications (we basically had to reformat the entire book in the end). We made some mistakes on the way and we had to go back several times to make things right. But our priority is a good end result no matter how much time it takes so we faced all the complications with positivity and determination.

Book cover

And we did it. Our first finished project is a fact. You can purchase the book here and follow the talented author here.You won’t be disappointed if you are a fan of poetry, we tell you that.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you would like to see updates on our next projects as well as inspiring content for writers and book recommendations for passionate readers.

We hope we will work with you soon and we will create something equally amazing together – don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with publishing your book. We are getting better every day and we cannot wait to show you.


Stay inspired!


Where is the inspiration for book writing hiding

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If you ever tried to write a book you probably came face to face with the stage of not knowing where to find the inspiration to continue the plot, develop the character, or finish the story, or even start the writing process. Creative blocks are unfortunately an everlasting partner to each and every creator out there. But this shouldn’t bring you down at all, there are countless ways to find inspiration – it is everywhere around us. No matter at what stage of the writing you are stuck in we are sure there is a way out and we will provide a few suggestions on how to find it.


Where can you find inspiration?

Since we are sure that “everywhere” will not be accepted as an accurate answer we will give you a few more concrete examples.

Based on what big and small writers have told us, our own observations and process, and age-old statements here are the biggest inspirations for writing/developing a book.

  • Personal experiences – this doesn’t mean you have to write a book on “how to go shopping after midnight” or something like that. In a lot of cases with successful authors, the inspiration behind their books was a personal experience – a good or a bad one. Each person goes through unique experiences for better and worse and often a story that changed your life can change other people’s perspective too. So why not write something inspired by an event that changed the way you see things or your values?
  • Dreams – often dreams are also a huge inspiration to write a book. Our minds are an incredible source of ideas and they often come to use when we least expect them. When we sleep for example. A good proof of that is Twilight which was inspired by a dream Stephanie Meyer had and though will make a great story. And it did. Right?
  • What if…? – This technique usually used by concept developers (that’s us!) can often be the foundation of a great fiction novel, short story, or even a movie script. Scenarios where just a tiny bit of the world we know today is different can turn into captivating storylines full of exciting scenes. Divergent and the Hunger Games are just two examples of stories inspired by this simple question. What if we didn’t need water to survive?
  • Art – as simple as it sounds. Have you ever been in a museum of abstract art, sitting in front of a painting for hours trying to figure out what it actually is? Instead of doing this, why not decide what it means yourself and write a book about it. Let your imagination loose and don’t overthink ideas – start writing and see where it takes you.
  • A different perspective – When you are stuck at a certain point of a book development why not ask a friend to read it and tell you what he/she thinks will happen next. Think outside the box – what would you never right as a development – ideas might come up from the places you least expect so don’t underestimate your imagination. Ask people about different perspectives for an issue (without judging them and immediately discarding their opinion because it is different – you will not get far this way) and you will be surprised how many ideas will be born.
  • Take your time – this is usually the best way to get inspired – not even trying to do it. Trying to be creative and productive 24/7 causes your brain to burn out and you just block out no matter how hard you try to get back on track. Take it easy for a while – go for a walk, travel for a weekend holiday away from your writing or just give in to your other hobbies and interests for a while. When you come back to the creative work with a clean and relaxed mined everything will be easier. Trust us we have been there lots of times.

But it definitely does not stop there. Inspiration is really all around you if you look close enough – other authors, bloggers, YouTubers, friends, books, mythology, politics, the list is endless. Here is an example of the influences of two of the greatest fiction authors up to date.


J.R.R Tolkien

  • Religious influences
  • Nordic influences
  • Old and Middle English literature
  • Slavic and Nordic mythology and linguistics
  • Personal experience
  • Modern literature
  • Contemporary warfare
  • Arthurian legends

Details and source here.

J.K Rowling

  • British folklore and mythology
  • Religion and the Bible
  • A Sword in A Stone, Macbeth, The Pardoner’s Tale, Emma, and other literature
  • Star wars and Discworld
  • Flora and fauna around the world
  • Imagination and children’s tales

Details and source here.

harry potter - ron

We are certain inspiration can be hidden everywhere and we truly believe finding it is a matter of getting the right mindset. Try not to approach creative blocks with negativity and anger, instead take them as a “beautiful constraint” which gives you the chance to explore an issue from a different perspective. And most importantly – don’t get discouraged, you are certain to get passed the block sooner or later.

We hope this blog was at least a little inspiring and it helps you get the motivation to start or finish or continue your book. Take your time and don’t rush things – nothing great happened for a day. Stay tuned for more inspirational, educational, and behind the scenes blogs and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


Children’s books to grow up with

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Since this week was entirely dedicated to childhood memories we decided to devote this blog to stories that made our youth days better and brighter. We want to present to you the books that made our childhood memorable and that still stay in our hearts. But before we do that we have a very important question for you.
Which were the books that you grew up with? Would you recommend them to your children one day, and do you still go back to those books every once in a while? Because we sure do!

Our childhood is definitely the time when we are most creative, curious, and willing to learn and therefore the books which we read during those times usually have a huge impact on our development as adolescents. The stories we dive in can teach us a lot about shaping our character, making decisions, valuing the people who love us and many more important lessons, but they also boost our creativity and entertain us. We have will present our top picks of books that had all of that combined in a beautiful way and that made our childhood magical.

The books that charmed us during our childhood

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow

Undoubtedly Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular series amongst young and old nowadays, but if you missed the story of the young Jack Sparrow, who swore to put an end to the era of pirates you definitely missed one hell of a ride.
The series was written by Robb Kidd himself and started in 2006, consisting of 12 books in total. Each of them slowly leads to how Jack Sparrow became the notorious captain he is today (during serious dramatic twists of events) and they complete the lore of Pirates of the Caribbean in an unexpected way. Each of the books is packed with intense moments – fights, crucial decisions, and sacrifices, and develops a unique story revolving around young Jack and his friends… and foes at the time. The characters in the books are equality interesting as the ones in the original series, there is drama, action, adventures, loves stories, and everything a young reader can be fascinated by. To make it better, some of the characters from the original series also make an appearance including Davy Jones himself, Bill Turner, Stone Eye Sam, and many others.
The series is a perfect combination of original stories and a completion of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow’s lore.

Jack Sparrow and the Siren Song

2. Detectives with a time machine

Those series were the ones which stole my heart after I completed Jack Sparrow’s teen adventures. They were written by Fabian Lenk – a German journalist who thanks to his work started writing detective novels for young and old. The series consists of 39, yes THIRTY-NINE, books each revolving around a different mysterious crime during various time periods.
The books are targeted towards kids at the age of nine and up and except the incredibly interesting and entertaining crime storylines, each book presents a short description of the historical background in regards to where the story is taking place. Also, a glossary with words unfamiliar to the readers is included in each book – education and entertainment combined in an amazing way.
The time-detectives that are the main characters of the books travel back in time, often inspired by their school assignments and lessons and solves mysteries that were troubling historians for ages. From ancient Egypt to Renaissance Europe the stories are definitely worth checking out by young readers. I definitely enjoyed them back in the day and they still bring back a feeling of excitement and coziness when I turn the pages to remember the good old days.

Detectives with a time machine

3. Tales of the Dark Forest

Tales of the Dark Forest is a series of four books with the witty and attention-catching names Goodknyght!, Wizzard!, Trollogy!, and Knyghtmare! (yes, this is the reason I bought them at first). They were written by the Two Steves or Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore in 2001.
The series was inspired by the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as well as British and European folklore and fairy-tales. Various mythical creatures inhabit the world of the Dark Forest and each book presents a unique character and storyline with an interesting and breath-taking adventure to follow. The books are perfect for readers aged ten and up and are sure to ignite the inspiration in their brains.

Those are the series of books that still have parts of our hearts captured. Of course, there are numerous other books worth mentioning, like the incredible series of Chronicles of ancient darkness by Michelle Paver, for which we talked about in one of our Instagram posts (check it out, it’s still there and those series are a total must for every age). The way Michelle has combined ancient history with fiction and magic is one of a kind. Max and Moritz, which we used to reread quite often and we also talked about as the book of the week. The everlasting classics and masterpieces of Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm are also a must for each and every kid out there. We can keep talking about the wonders of books for young and old forever… We hope you enjoyed this post, let us know if you agree with our choice of childhood books and tell us about your picks. We would love to hear!
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What do you do when you want to publish a book?

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Interestingly enough, according to statistics (by Good Habits) every third person has considered or thought about writing a book. This is yet another proof that the world is filled with creativity and interesting stories to tell, however, 98% percent of the people who tried to get their work published get rejected by publishers (same survey). Which is really sad.


Fortunately, during the past few years self-publishing has become quite popular and more importantly easily accessible to the majority of people. As long as you have a good story, dedication to write, and passion to succeed you are good to go. However, self-publishing is not a simple as it sounds and there are quite a few things to consider when trying to make your way into the book publishing world (that’s why MyBookStore exists in the first place).
This week, we decided to give you a simple and quick guide on what to consider when you start writing and publishing your book. We hope this helps!


STEP 1 – The idea

Considering the fact that you are trying to write and publish a book, you probably already have a reason to do it, a story to tell, or an idea which is missing in the mainstream market. The point of writing a book is to tell a story (yours or not) in a compelling and interesting way.
Therefore, the first thing to do is make it very clear to yourself – What is the reason I am writing? What message do I want to tell my audience?

STEP 2 – Get to the writing

Let’s be honest, that is the essential part of the process and also the hardest one. Sometimes you find yourself stuck for hours on the same sentence, and that is completely normal. You cannot expect to write a masterpiece in two days – the writing process takes time and effort.
Since you already have the idea and purpose of the book the next most important aspect is to communicate those two things in a good and understandable way. Take as much time as you need, write drafts, edit them 100 times if necessary, as long as you enjoy the process and don’t get discouraged this step shall be passed easily.

STEP 3 – Constructive criticism

Writing is an exhausting endeavor, but you should be prepared to make lots of changes in your book. The best way to be sure you are on the right path is to frequently look for feedback from the people who might be interested in your book (and not only). Constructive criticism will make your book times better than the first draft you had planned. Use this when you are stuck creatively as well – ask someone to read your work and give you some constructive criticism. The more often you do it the better – this way you will be able to fix mistakes early and improve faster.

STEP 4 – Editing

This might turn out to be the most important step. No matter how much time and effort you put into your book and how many times you asked for feedback it is never a bad idea to contact a professional editor (or get help in the editing in any way possible). The way you use words might make or break the book and it is always good to consult with a third party. Having a fresh look upon your work from someone who is not familiar with it or biased in any way will be the best thing you can do.
Editing is also a time-consuming process, but a necessary one for sure.

STEP 5 -Decide on a title

We truly believe deciding on a title should be done only after your book is written and edited well. Otherwise, you risk limiting yourself by trying too hard to fit the story to the title and your entire idea might be lost without you even noticing.
Deciding on the right title might not be an easy task and there are several things you definitely need to consider.
• What will attract the readers most – we don’t like to admit it but we always look at the title before buying a book and it is often the reason we put it down instead of adding it to our collection
• Is the title a good representation of your story and idea – People will try to understand the book by the title. It is good to make it easily comprehensive, but don’t cross out the option of creating a mystery around it and making people wonder what it might be about – this is also a good approach.
Our advice is – brainstorm at least 10 title ideas and get some feedback once again. Make a poll online, use your network, or the people you trust most, ask the editor and people who have seen the drafts for ideas. Only after that select the one you think fits the book best.

STEP 6 – Decide on the cover

Again, as much as we hate to admit it the covers usually make or break the book. No matter how good of a story and writing you have if you don’t make people pick up the book using the title and cover nothing really matters. Don’t underestimate the power of visual arts and invest as much as necessary into finding the right designer or illustrator for the job. Or do it yourself if you can, why not?
Unfortunately “don’t judge a book by its cover” really does not apply in the real world since everyone does it consciously or not. Make sure the cover is looking professional (regardless if you are making it yourself or you are hiring someone to do it for you) and it makes people intrigued to read it. Show what the story will be about or keep it mysterious – it’s your choice, but in any case make sure it looks good.


STEP 7 – Formatting

After spending the time and effort to create a great book it would be a shame if the formatting brings you down. There are plenty of sources which will help you format the book yourself, but if you want to be sure you are doing it right, hire a professional or use the help of an editor. No one likes a mess when it comes to reading and this doesn’t only apply to your way of expressing yourself. The good news – you are almost there!

STEP 8 – Choose the price

Naturally, you want your hard work to be rewarded so you need to choose a price. This step might turn out to be a bit tricky since you don’t want to overprice your work and make people give up on it just because it is too expensive.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to underestimate your efforts and give the book for free. You need to find a balance – a justified price for what the readers will get.

It is very important to calculate the amount of money you invested into the creation of the book, how much you spent for different service regarding the production, and calculate how many copies you need to sell to start making a profit.
Also, be careful who you are publishing with since some publishers like to exploit their writers and take the majority of the profit. Don’t let this happen – this is your hard work, not theirs.

STEP 9 – Publish it!

After you have gone through all the details it is finally time for your masterpiece to see the world. There are plenty of options when it comes to publishing, or you can also do it by yourself (you just need to get an ISBN number), but in any case, always pay attention to the royalties. Publishing with a partner will certainly help you get more exposure, which leads us to the final step.

STEP 10 – Market your work

Unfortunately, your readers won’t start coming in by themselves and you need to put quite a lot of effort into marketing your work. You need a strategy to help you reach as many people as possible. Use your network, make a Facebook page for the book, write blogs, contact book bloggers and vlogger and give them a free copy for a review. There are plenty of ways to make your book popular. You can use the help of agencies or reach out to the vast community online – book forums, Facebook groups and pages, the opportunities are countless.
Just make sure that you are advertising yourself well and you are good to go. 

Lets do this

This was a basic guide to publishing your work, which we put our most essential tips. We hope it helps you decide on the next step of your book publishing process, but remember – each step is important and they need to work for each other. Stay tuned for more helpful blogs and follow us  on Instagram and Facebook!


Why would you start a publishing comapny?

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We feel like this is a question that needs to be answered properly. Therefore, we decided to write this blog post explaining how the idea behind MyBookStore was born.
This project started because of our passion for books and our urge to help talented individuals who have promising ideas, but never make them a reality because of the mainstream publishers’ rejections. We also want to help people, like ourselves, who are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again and are hungry for fresh stories and ideas. MyBookStore will be the place they will find those interesting reads.

Why we believe our service is needed?

• It is nearly impossible to get noticed by publishers
• Even if you do – you will hardly get any of the profit from your hard work in your own pockets
• Self-publishing is an extremely hard endeavor if you do it alone
• There are tonnes of things to consider when trying to get your work out in the world
• The mainstream market does not offer enough variety and good and promising ideas are often lost

How did this idea come to our crafty brains?

As with every good idea for a revolutionary product or service, the idea of MyBookStore was born from a real struggle someone had to face.
One of us – Eike (you can read about our book in our previous blog) wrote a book dedicated to her daughter and the struggles she faced. This is when she came face to face with the harsh reality of the publishing world – mainstream publishers do not care about your work unless you are already popular or you wrote the next harry potter story (which, by the way, might be the case but they couldn’t possibly know).


The problems Eike faced while trying to publish her book and get the important message out there forced her to attempt self-publishing.
That is how we discovered that self-publishing might be the answer to the problem, but it was not something that could be done easily. There are tons of things to consider when you try publishing your book by yourself and we as multimedia designers and concept developers decided we could actually help people with that. We are passionate about books, we get inspired by creative people, we want to be part of the process, and most importantly we can make it way easier and faster. This easily turned into an actual business idea and we started considering all the factors regarding if we can make this work. We had what it takes.
The first try to set the foundations of the company was for a school project, which gave us a good reality check and we could test out our idea with real people. We got encouraged and we decided MyBookStore will become a reality.
Naturally, the idea of helping independent writers publish their work became the core of the company, but we expanded in many ways. The process was not easy since we constantly had to add, change, and remove ideas (and change the business model around six times) until we shaped the personality of the company as you are about to see it. But our main goals also became finding unique hidden book gems and bringing them to the hungry readers while creating an inspiring community.

Our journey has officially started and we hope you will stick around and join us. We will be posting more updates on how the company is doing what it is doing, behind the scenes, days in the life and much more so stay tuned.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


A self-published new book – “Here I belong”

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New book is out! One of the first new authors we helped publish an original idea which was previously rejected by mainstream publishers. Eike Einmann and her book “Here I belong”. We were eager to help Eike bring the book to you. We also want to share our thoughts with you. Even though this is a children’s book the topic and story are with a very important message and a quite relevant problem. That’s one of the reason we are so excited to help the new author self-publish her masterpiece. The illustrations are all done by the Eike herself. This makes the book even more special.

The Author

Eike Einamann is a multimedia designer with a background in photography and illustration originally from Estonia. No need to mention she is quite talented and has a great understanding of art and design.  Don’t take our word for it – you can find her work here.

Eike Einmann

The New Book

New book is called “Here I belong” and  you can probably guess the main issue discussed in it. The thing is, Eike has seen this problem upclose and this was the inspiration and the main reason she decided to write the book. An Estonian woman married to an Zamibian man was sure to give birth to an unique family. However, for their child it has been a bit confusing – why are mom and dad so different? Of course, those problems are natural, but we believe they are quite common nowadays, even though they should not be a reason for concern in children or people of any age.

Reading the book you will find out for yourself that those things are not something a loving family cannot overcome. There is simply no reason for them to exist in the first place. The world is diverse and being different is not a reason to be ashamed.

The New Story

As you might guess the storyline of the book revolves around the question “Where do I belong?”. The motivation the writer had in mind came from her real life and is a relevant problem for people of all ages. 

In short, the book tells the story of Maya (the daughter of the author, whom the book is dedicated to). She is confused where she belongs since her mother and father come from different parts of the world. Her mother comes from a northern country and her father from a southern one. The child was not sure which part of the world she actaully belongs to.

The book is especially made for children with original illustration by the author herself and a style and story that will entertain all children. Magic, adventure, and valuable lessons are the things the children will be able to take away from the new book.

Who should read it?

No matter what your age is and whether you want to buy the book for your child or to suit your own interest in the topic and drawings – it is worth taking a look. While helping publishing the book we found a really impactful message for a problem each of us has encountered. Perfect for entertaining children and sparking creativity in people of all ages. The book ends with something we want to encourage you to think about – “… What do you think, where do you belong?”