for writers

Mybookstore is an innovate self-publishing agency, which suits the needs of new authors in Denmark. You as a writer have the ability to fully customize the service we will provide, choosing which parts of the publishing you need help with. Based on this we will also calculate the price. The production process is fully transparent and customizable to fit each writer’s personal needs.

for readers

Mybookstore is offering a colorful webshop, which will provide you with access to new authors in Denmark, fresh books, incredible and unique ideas, creative community, chance to win excusive personalized books and prints, and the possibility to support aspiring authors. What is more, the books we helped find their way to you are not found on the mainstream market.


To provide an affordable and quality way for independent writers and artist, as well as enthusiasts to produce, publish, and market their work and reach a targeted audience.


To become the preferred platform for independent publishing, marketing, and promotion amongst creative individuals in Europe and establish a wide community of readers to review, recommend and feedback on writer’s work. 

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